Lake County Ohio lawmaker introduces marijuana legalization legislation

Lake County Ohio lawmaker introduces marijuana legalization legislation

Another push is being made to legalize recreational marijuana use in Ohio. This effort is made by a pair, one from Lake County and one from Republicans.

On Tuesday, Concord Representative Jamie Callender held a press conference to announce new marijuana legislation. This proposal is distinct, but it’s similar to one that was introduced by Democrats in July.

The bill would expand the existing state’s medical marijuana program. The bill would allow existing cultivators, processors, retail locations, and retailers to continue selling recreational marijuana. It also allows for additional licenses to address increased demand. The 21 age limit for recreational users is 18. They will also have to pay an additional 10%tax to help fund the state’s general funds and equip law enforcement with new equipment.

New legislation will allow users to grow up six plants at home, with two blooming at once. Although the push for recreational marijuana legalization is increasing, Callender acknowledges that it is still a difficult battle.


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